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One of Those Days

March. One of those perfectly not-quite-winter, not-quite-spring days. Constant rain, but not a downpour. Cold, but not freezing.

The cat is not amused. He exudes boredom in a way I wish could emulate. I can’t seem to pull off “lethargic.” It comes off as “sleepy.” I am envious of my bored cat. It’s been that kind of day.

I have an Apple Watch that keeps track of how many steps I take. Ok, it’s not actually an Apple Watch, but rather a cheap Chinese knockoff that sells for $27 on Amazon. It’s called a Mackintosh FitBite, or something like that. It works like an Apple Watch except for the fact that you have to swing your arm really far, back and forth, for the steps to actually register. When I use it for walking I look like a Soviet soldier parading in Red Square.

Anyway, I took the watch off. I couldn’t bear to admit that I’ll be lucky to walk a total of 50 steps today.

So, instead I’ll focus on my language studies. I’m learning Italian. (Well, I’m studying Italian. The “learning” part remains to be seen.)

I’ll share more about the different methods I’m using to immerse myself in the Italian language. Now, however, it’s time for me to hit the DuoLingo.

A domani! *

* That means “until tomorrow.” Or “call Domino’s Pizza.” I forget which.